Wednesday, May 7, 2008

ABC Wednesday - P is for Pink and PurPle Petunias

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Pernille's ting og tang said...

Very nice P and a very nice shot.

Have fun:)

Paulie said...

Beautiful shot of those pink and purple petunias!

Petunia said...

Aha! I love petunia;)
Come and look at my petunia post:D

raf said...

Those are beauties you've captured so well! I know someone who will see those as prime potential for an oil painting.

Ida said...

Beautiful Petunias. :)


Lake Lady said...

Raf, I'm sure we can come up with an arrangement!

Texas Travelers said...

Those are nice colors. Very vivid.
Good "P" Post

Nice photograph

"P" is Posted.
Come visit,

Neva said...

I love petunias but the rabbits....I them as well and I can't stop them from eating the flowers.....nice photo.
Mine are posted!
Neva 1
Neva 2

Helena said...

Hooray!!! I did purple too, but my petunias are asleep so I couldn't include them :D

mrsnesbitt said...

Absolutely perfect!
I love petunias.

So sorry for being late to visit you, I am playing catch up after a few days out on the motorbike.

Windy Start to Spring..Mar 18

Windy Start to Spring..Mar 18
Probably not the best day to start this blog.....