Monday, August 4, 2008

Odd Shots Monday -- What is that??

Truck on over to Katney's Kaboodle for more Odd Shots this Monday.


Jim said...

OH, I hate being behind these things. These and the trucks with pallets scare the crap out of me, LOL.

raf said...

There's alot of construction going on in Texas just now. Excellent Odd Shot, Lake Lady!

Rambling Woods said...

Lake Lady..check out my entry for Sunday..there is an award for you.
Happy Odd Shot Monday..Mine is nature related as usual..Michelle..
Rambling Woods

Katney said...

Hey, copycat--I had one of these a couple of months ago--lol. They must not be as odd as we thought.

Windy Start to Spring..Mar 18

Windy Start to Spring..Mar 18
Probably not the best day to start this blog.....