Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ABC Wednesday -- X

I thought "X" would be hard, but seems it's a fairly common site! See my Corsicana Daily Photo blog for a couple more.
Then click on over to Mrs Nesbitts Place for "X's" from around the world!


babooshka said...

See, I wouldn''t have noticed these at all. You should use these again on different weeks for skywatch. Gorgeous reflection one one, beautiful blue on another. Wll sotted in both.

Lake Lady said...

I never would have noticed either if Mrs Nesbitt hadn't started ABC Wednesday! Now I find myself looking for next week's letter all the time!
;-) Thanks for popping in!

raf said...

X marks the spot and you two good ones there, LL!

Windy Start to Spring..Mar 18

Windy Start to Spring..Mar 18
Probably not the best day to start this blog.....